What is the distributable profit of microfinance companies of Nepal ?

May Wed 2023 02:15:12


What is the distributable profit of microfinance companies of Nepal ?

 6 companies are negative and 27 microfinance are good

Kathmandu. Recently, there has been a contraction in the profits of microfinance financial institutions. Profits were affected due to increase in bad loans of companies. Along with the increase in bad loans in companies, it has also affected the distributable profit. According to the third quarter report of the current financial year 2079.080 published by the companies, some companies are also seen in a situation where they are unable to increase the profits for the investors.

Although the distributable profit of most of the microfinance companies has decreased, six companies are in losses. Lakshmi Laguvitta Financial Institution has the highest distributable profit. The company has a loss of Rs 882 lakh 35 thousand during the period under review.

Similarly, the second loss-making microfinance is Unnati Sahajan Microfinance. The loss of the company is 49.6 million 60 thousand rupees. In addition, microfinance Mero Microfinance which is in loss is Rs 104 lakh 92 thousand, Mahuli Lagufitta Rs 74 lakh 51 thousand, NMB LaguBitta Rs 70 lakh 31 thousand and Vijay Lagufitta Rs 51 lakh 54 thousand.

Although the distributable profit of six microfinance companies is negative, 27 companies are also satisfactory. Among the distributable profits of microfinance which have been announced till the third quarter of the current financial year, the profits of most of them have decreased.

Chhimek Microfinance has the best distributable profit during this period. Chhimek Laghubitta has maintained its lead in most of the indicators, but distributable profit has also maintained its lead. By the end of March, the distributable profit of the company is 1.3 billion 62 lakh 48 thousand rupees. In the same period of the last financial year, the profit of the company was limited to 559.3 million 39 thousand rupees.

Similarly, the distributable profit of RMDC microfinance in the second month is 964.3 million 60 thousand rupees. Also, 76 crore 22 lakh 57 thousand rupees for small farmer microfinance, 67 crore 88 lakh 14 thousand rupees for forward microfinance, 67 crore 24 lakh 20 thousand rupees for NIC Asia microfinance, 19 crore 23 lakh 31 thousand rupees for microfinance, Diprox microfinance 16 crore 25 Lakh rupees, National Microfinance has a distributable profit of 15 crore 85 lakh 56 thousand rupees.

According to the details of microfinance till March 2018, the company with the lowest distributable profit is Ganapati Laguvitta Financial Institution. Until this period, the profit of the company is only 8 thousand rupees. Likewise, the distributable profit of Nerude Microfinance is Rs 223 thousand, Nadep Microfinance is Rs 10 lakh 63 thousand, Civil Microfinance is Rs 22 lakh 1 thousand and Rural Development Microfinance is Rs 23 lakh 7 thousand.