Nepal Life Insurance's 'Business Excellence Conference' Completed with grandeur, honors and awards in 37 categories

Aug Mon 2023 03:12:31


Nepal Life Insurance's 'Business Excellence Conference' Completed with grandeur, honors and awards in 37 categories

Kathmandu. The three-day 'Business Excellence Conference' of Nepal Life Insurance Company has been completed. The conference was held at Sauraha in Chitwan with the slogan "Powerful Aggressive Policy". More than 230 employees working in sales and marketing from all over the country participated in the conference. Senior Director Kamlesh Kumar Agarwal, Director Krishna Raj Lamichhane, Shakti Kumar Golyan and Chief Executive Officer of the company Praveen Raman Parajuli jointly inaugurated the conference by lighting the lamp in Panas.

In the conference, the senior director of the company, Kamlesh Kumar Agarwal, thanked all the employees for the company's successful business despite the economic downturn. He asked to perform with more passion and vigor as the coming days will be more challenging. Aggarwal highlighted the required communication skills along with sales techniques.

At the conference, Director Krishnaraj Lamichhane thanked all the employees for their contribution in the last year.

In the conference, Director Shakti Kumar Golyan said that the Board of Directors will always support the employees to keep their morale high. He asked to prepare for it as the coming time will not be so easy. He informed that the company has started work to make the operations of the company more convenient, simple, agile and efficient by using the highest technology.

In the conference, Chief Executive Officer Pravinaraman Parajuli thanked the employees for the performance of the previous year and called upon them to act from the beginning to meet the business goals of the current year. Reviewing the business of the last financial year, he informed the conference about the sales strategy for the current financial year.

At the end of the conference, the company's Chief Executive Officer Parajuli, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Amit Kumar Kayal and National Sales Head Umapati Pokharel were awarded certificates to all the participants, as well as honors and awards in 37 different categories to the employees and branches and sub-branches who did the best business in the last financial year.