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Development Bankers Association Nepal

A Overview of Development Bankers Association Nepal Organization refers to Development Bankers Association Nepal. Committee refers to the working committee formed as per the regulation. Law refers to the Company Registration Law 2034. Rules and regulation refers to the law comprised under the preamble. Authority refers to the authorities of this institution. Chairperson, First vice chairperson, Second vice chairperson, Ex-chairperson, General secretary, Secretary, Trustee, Members and invited members refers to the Chairperson, First vice chairperson, Second vice chairperson, Ex-chairperson, General Objectives and Programs: As per the current law, regulation and under the policy and instruction of Nepal government and Nepal Rastra Bank in coordination with related system, This institution will be non profit, service oriented social institution. To achieve prosperity and protection of rights & benefits of occupation of all the development banks of the whole nation. To create and promote mutual unity, friendship, brotherhood, occupational behavior and courtesy among the development banks. To help implement the High Priority Sector lending Program related to eradication of rural poverty as per the monetary policy of the nation To help manage the resources keeping good relation with international financial institutions depending on the financial policy of Nepal government and Nepal Rastra Bank. To strengthen the role of development banks and financial institutions in the economic development and construction of a nation. secretary, Secretary, Trustee ,Members and invited members of this institution. Development Bankers Association Nepal Nyalma Marg, House No: 137 Gahana Pokhari 5, Hadigaun Post Box No.: 21026, Kathmandu, Nepal Phone: + 977 1 4439453 Fax: + 977 1 4429870 Email:

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Mr. Pradip Kumar Shrestha (Secretary)

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