Kanchan Development Bank Ltd

An overview of Kanchan Development Bank NMB Bank has commenced joint operations with Kanchan Development Bank Limited from 7 Bhadra, 2077. Introduction: Kanchan Development Bank is a public limited Development Bank. The bank was established on 2066/04/09 with head office at Bhimdutta Nagar Palika Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur. The company received approval from the NRB for commencement of banking operation on 01/06/2066 and operation started on 03/06/2066. The bank has limited liability on shares under company Act 2063 with Regd. No: 1159/066/067. It is managed by a group of well experienced and professional managers having excellent leadership quality. Mission: To become a trustworthy partner for the progress of all the stakeholders by designing, producing and delivering the best financial solutions in far-western region. Vision: To provide proper operational excellence and financial services that caters to the need of customers to be one of the leading development bank in far-western region. Objectives: To contribute and behave ethically towards the improvement of quality of life of the people and community and greatly the society and to secure the valuable capital of the customers with special emphasis on customer care and convenience. Goal: To deliver the comprehensive banking services to the esteemed customers by the collective efforts of entrepreneurs from tourism sector, professors, professional bankers, pioneer of cooperative movement, doctors, engineers advocates and other professionals with excellent track record and high social profile. Head Office (Corporate Office) Bhimdatta Municipality -04, Ji.Pra.Ka. Road, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur Tel : +977-99-520263,520264 Fax: +977-99-521525 E-mail: info@kanchanbank.com.np

Total Branch : 19

Contact : 099520265

Email : info@kanchanbank.com.np

Website: www.kanchanbank.com.np

Branch Office

Total Branches: 19
Dhangadhi Branch

Contact: 9801397748

District : Dhangadhi

Dipayal Branch

Contact: 9801364657

District : Doti

Lamki Branch

Contact: 9801372618

District : Kailali

Main Branch Mahendranagar

Contact: 99520563

District : Mahendragar