Alliance Insurance Company Ltd.

Collusion Insurance Company Limited is a non-life coverage organization established in 1996 by driving mechanical and business places of Nepal. It has significant shareholding of Prabhu Group furthermore of Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh (Employee's Provident Fund), an undertaking of Government of Nepal. It has paid up capital of pretty nearly 18.26 crores which after the issuance of 55 percent right impart will be more than 25 crores by end of Fiscal year 2070/2071. Mr. Devi Prakash Bhattachan, a noteworthy business pioneer and an extremely conspicuous figure in assorted ranges of business, for example, settlement, keeping money & account segment, travel exchange, vitality and foundation, likewise the Chairman of the whole Prabhu Group in Nepal, USA, Malaysia and Qatar, drives the organization as Chairman and Mr. Rajendra Malla, a presumed name in business group included in different organizations, for example, exchanging, industry, venture, foundation, hydro, training furthermore the Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as Vice-Chairman. Vision And Mission Our organization has made an imprint as a rumored and solid safety net provider in the field of non-disaster protection in Nepal in these ten years since its initiation. In the setting of globalization, we expect to make progress in the days to obtain going to the terms with changing times and the needs it gets its wake in the territories of protection. We have satisfied the desires of our esteemed customers who have remained by us through the years and we would like to expand the quantity of fulfilled clients in geometrical movement in the days to get giving quality administration and money related pay in the occasion of unforeseen adversities.

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