26 companies in pipeline to issue IPO

Mar Sat 2022 07:31:50


26 companies in pipeline to issue IPO

Kathmandu. Various companies are preparing for the issue of primary shares (IPO) by filing an application with the Nepal Securities Board (Cebon). Twenty-six companies have applied for IPOs at various times and are awaiting Cebon's approval.

According to CEBON, 26 companies have applied for approvalto sell shares worth Rs 7.26 billion. After receiving approval from Cebon, further process for IPO of these companies will be started. Of the 26 companies in the pipeline for the IPO, two are insurance companies, 20 are hydropower companies, three are finance companies and the other group has Dis Media Network.

Adarsh ​​MFI is preparing to issue 60,000 shares worth Rs 6 million. Similarly, Upkar Microfinance Financial Institution has provided 266,250 shares equal to Rs. 266,250,000 and

CYC Nepal Microfinance Financial Institution is awaiting the approval of Cebon for the issuance of 395,336 shares worth Rs. 39.53 million.

Similarly, Reliable Life Insurance is preparing to issue 6 million IPOs worth Rs 1.27 billion. The IPO will be priced at Rs 212 per share with a premium of Rs 112. Similarly, IME Life Insurance is also in the pipeline for the issuance of 6 million shares worth Rs 600 million.

Similarly, Dis Media Network Limited is also awaiting approval from Cebon for IPO sale. The company will issue 2,385,929 shares worth Rs 238.592 million after receiving approval from CEBON.