Green Ventures IPO coming from March 25

Mar Mon 2022 04:02:46


Green Ventures IPO coming from March 25

Kathmandu. Green Ventures Limited is going to open sale of ordinary shares to the public. The company is going to open the sale of 31.25 lakh initial public offerings (IPOs).

The public will be able to apply for the purchase of the remaining 2.875 million shares from April 22 by securing five percent of the total issue, i.e. one lakh 56,250 shares to the collective investment fund and three percent or 93,750 shares to the employees. It is mentioned in the invitation letter.

The general public will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 50,000 lots by March 25. If the application is not received by then, the eviction will be open till March 30, the company said.

Laxmi Capital Market Limited, the manager of securities issuance and sale of the company, said that the public can apply for purchase of shares by using 'My Shares' online from banks and financial institutions and their branch offices which have been given permission by the Nepal Securities Board to provide CISWA facility.