Entry Fee Only 1 Rupees of Can Info Tech Fair 2022 _ Nabaraj Kunwar

Apr Wed 2022 01:57:50


Entry Fee Only 1 Rupees of Can Info Tech Fair 2022 _ Nabaraj Kunwar

CAN Federation (Computer Association Nepal) has started the fair festival in Nepal since 1995. Now we have the 27th edition

Kathmandu. The CAN Infotech was started by the Computer Association of Nepal Federation (CAN) with the objective of providing information from a single source on the development of new technologies in the world of information technology. Its main objective is to promote information technology and spread public awareness about it. In the beginning, when there was no mobile phone or internet, Can Infotech was the only source of information technology.

Now some things are also being reported on social media. Even after learning about these technologies from social media, we tend to have less faith in anything unless the habits of Nepalis are physically present and applied in practice. Therefore, in such infotech, all kinds of information are given in detail from one place. And, it is also considered important because of the fact that it is possible to get information about the things you need from a single source and also to showcase your products among millions of people to promote their business.

CAN Infotech is an annual program started by the Computer Association of Nepal. No one else has started this program. CAN has started the fair festival in Nepal since 1995. Now we have the 27th edition. There are 170 stalls inside this year's fair. You have given importance to branding in today's Infotech. There will be branding stalls in the inner hall. You have also given importance to outside startups and innovation. Inside, there will be 65 stalls in a large hall, including software, hardware and payment gateways.

The structure of the stalls of the expo that we have done may be similar, but the things to be exhibited inside, the things to be kept inside, the things of information are new. There are three generations of senior citizens who have no knowledge of information technology in Nepal, the second generation who are transforming themselves into information technology and the other current students who have grown up playing IT and information technology. The next two generations can embrace information technology and understand its importance. In addition, you can come to the expo and make a difference.

Tickets are free. We have kept the ticket money for only one rupee. But we don't take that one rupee in cash. It has to be paid through mobile wallet. Since he also collaborated with IME Pay, download the IME Pay app and after paying one rupee, the ticket comes on the mobile. You have to enter by showing the same ticket. It looks good, but according to the procedure, it may take a while. Earlier, a normal ticket was fixed at Rs 100 and a student was allotted Rs One . Now you have given only one rupee to the common citizen.