Investors buying gold by selling shares ? Gold price will soon 2 lakh rupees

Apr Thu 2024 02:19:55


Investors buying gold by selling shares ? Gold price will soon 2 lakh rupees

Kathmandu. Day by day the price of gold is increasing and setting a new record. As the daily price increases, many people are attracted to gold. Many people are arguing that the price of gold will reach 200,000. A stock investor said, 'I will sell shares and buy gold.' In the last one week, the price of gold has increased by 6,500 rupees per tola. A year ago, the price of gold per tola was 1,900,000 rupees. , If I had bought gold at that time, today I would have gained 24 thousand rupees. However, the share has decreased.

He has not yet felt the rush. He said that the price of gold in the market will soon reach 2 lakh rupees, so he plans to buy gold now. If we look at Wednesday's data, the price of gold is trading at 1 lakh 33 thousand rupees per tola. Which is the highest price ever.

As those stock investors know, are the stock investors increasing their investment in gold by selling the shares they have? We raised this question with the stock investors.

Experienced stock investor Chhotelal Rauniyar said that although some may have bought gold by selling shares, many did not do so. However, as the stock market is currently falling and the government has not taken any initiative to improve this sector, it is natural for investors to divert to other sectors.

There are no proven facts of investors investing in gold by selling shares. However, bankers say that the demand for gold in the market has increased somewhat. The government has arranged for banks to bring in 20 kg of gold per day.

He says that gold of that quantity is being demanded from businessmen now. According to the customs department, in the first 8 months of the current financial year, gold worth 15 billion 234 million rupees has been imported. From this, the government has collected a revenue of 2 billion 285 million rupees. Last year, 29 lakh 16 thousand 586 kg worth 22 billion 35 crore 45 lakh rupees was imported. This data does not show that the attraction of investors in gold has increased. Manikaratna Shakya, president of the Nepal Gold and Silver Traders Federation, also says that share investors have entered the gold market.

Why is the price increasing?

Even though the stock market is falling and the price of gold is increasing, many people are of the opinion that the attraction of investors is in the gold market. Because investors enter the market where there is benefit. Investors who get limited profit by investing in short term are now choosing gold over stock market. Because the price of gold is increasing daily.

The increase in the price of gold has more international reasons than domestic reasons. The price of gold fluctuates due to the demand and supply of goods in the market. When the demand for gold in the international commodity market is high, then the price also increases. The price of gold is rising when supply is low and demand is high.

According to international media, the main reason for the increase in gold prices is high demand, interest rates of the US Central Bank (Fed), China's importance to gold to weaken the dominance of the US dollar, and the central banks of the world have increased their purchases at high rates in the past.