Why the Nepali stock market is moving in a bullish trend, Think it seriously and invest only

Nov Fri 2020 10:48:39


Why the Nepali stock market is moving in a bullish trend, Think it seriously and invest only

Kathmandu. Nepal's stock market has returned to the bullish trend after crossing a bearish cycle for almost four years.

At present, the bank has been approving the loan for three years with an average cycle of four years, investor morale, an average interest rate of 8 percent and three days. Such factors have also helped the market to grow.

At present, margin lending overdraft is done in 3/4 days. Banks are now offering blind transactions (buying, selling and giving a floorsit without a share bank with a broker guarantee).

This has also increased the market as well as the transaction amount. Blind transaction services used to be provided by development banks but now they are provided by commercial banks.

The bank now has more liquidity. Banks are giving blind transactions after the money is scattered. Not all banks have done this. What they have done is very effective.

At present, the bank interest rate is 8.25 percent. The market has declined since the first 14/15 percent. Bank interest rates are unlikely to rise for some time to come. At present, banks charge only 0.25 per cent commission.

They say to buy if the PE ratio is less than 15 when buying shares of the bank. Because of this, Ricks is reduced. At present, the PE ratio of some banks is around 10-12. Many banks are below 15. So there is no need to be afraid.

At present, there is a circuit in the business of the company whose shares are declining. The financial statements of some of these companies are also satisfactory. But it was also seen that some companies were cornering their shares. Shares of some companies have risen more than expected.

This is a good time for investors. But you should not invest in any of the increased shares in the blink of an eye. We need to focus on many things and invest only in them. Money earned in a lifetime should not be wasted on the rumors of others. You have to invest only by choosing a good company, looking at the condition of the company, looking at whether the share price of the company can be reduced or not.