Has the share market is bearish trend?

Sep Fri 2021 11:28:16


Has the share market is bearish trend?

Kathmandu. The stock market, which had been closed since last Thursday, reopened on Tuesday. But even in the open market, which was closed for four consecutive days, there was no charm. Investors did not look excited.

Tuesday's market fell sharply by 55.89 points. Not only on Tuesday but also on Wednesday the market has decreased by 48.42 points. At the same time, the Nepse index, which measures share turnover, has dropped by 104.31 points in just two days. The index, which stood at 3180.90 points last Thursday, has dropped to 3076.45 points in two days.

Share trading has also declined along with the indicator. The share market had a turnover of Rs 20.49 billion on Thursday but only Rs 16.12 billion on Tuesday. Similarly, the share turnover in Wednesday's market was limited to Rs 12.09 billion. At the same time, the transaction amount in the two-day market has decreased by Rs 8.40 billion.

At the same time, looking at the trend of this year's share trading, the market is continuously declining. The market, which fluctuates during the day, shows a steady decline in the two-day trade.

At the same time, some investors are predicting that the market will turn bearish. But representatives of various organizations of capital market investors say that the market will not follow the path of bearishness right now.

Investors are scared after the National Bank of Nepal (NBN) set a syndicate of Rs 40 million and Rs 120 million in margin loans. But not everyone is afraid. Only those investors who took more loans are scared. This does not mean that the overall market is declining.

The current market is not like before, there were very few investors before, on top of that there was less online trading, now more than 99 percent of transactions are being done online, country-specific transactions are taking place, so the market is not the same as before.

There is nothing to be afraid of in the market, the market itself will not crash. It is natural to increase and decrease. We can confidently invest in good and strong scripts, bonuses, dividends, etc.