Why 34 companies share Trading banned in NEPSE ?

Sep Thu 2021 12:10:27


Why  34 companies share Trading banned in NEPSE ?

Also 148 were removed from the listing

Kathmandu. Shares of 34 companies listed by the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) have been blocked.

The companies listed in Nepse are currently divided into 13 groups. Among them, KNEPS has stopped trading of shares of some companies under commercial banks, development banks, microfinance, finance, hotel and tourism, trading, manufacturing and other groups.

Trading in shares of two companies under the commercial bank, Nepal Investment and Himalayan Bank, has been suspended.

Trading in shares of Sahara Development Bank has also been stopped.

Similarly, trading of shares of six companies of the finance group has been stopped. Of which, share trading of Nepal Share Markets, Samjhana Finance Company, Capital Merchant Bank and Finance Company, Crystal Finance and Himalayan Finance (financial institution) has been stopped.

Similarly, the trading of shares of Sirjana Finance (Financial Institution) has been stopped as soon as it was acquired by Citizens Bank.

Similarly, the share trading of 8 different microfinance companies listed in Nepse has been stopped. Nepse has stopped trading of shares of Suryodaya, Nepal Seva, Nadep, Nepal Agro, Andhikhola, Ghodighoda, Samaj Microfinance and Womi Microfinance.

Among them, Womi Microfinance and Suryodaya MFI are merging. Share trading of Nepal Seva has been stopped after the merger of Nepal Seva Microfinance and Win Microfinance Financial Institutions.

Similarly, Nepal Agro will be acquired by Infinity Microfinance and the share trading of the company has been stopped.

Share trading of Andhikhola Microfinance has been halted after Dhaulagiri Microfinance merged with Andhikhola Microfinance Financial Institution.

As the society is merging with microfinance swastika microfinance, Nepse has stopped the share trading of social microfinance.

Similarly, Ghodaghodi Microfinance has merged with Unique Nepal Microfinance and the share trading of the institution has been stopped.

Shares of Yak & Yeti under the hotel group have also been suspended. Nepse has stopped the share trading saying that the hotel has not paid the renewal fee. Trading in shares of Nepal Film Development Company, Nepal Trading and Nepal Welfare Company has been suspended.

Also, trading of shares of 13 manufacturing companies has been stopped. Nepal Vegetable Ghee Industries, Raghupati Jute Mills, Butwal Spinning Mills, Gorakhkhali Rubber Industries, Jyoti Signing Mills, Arun Vegetable Industries, Harishiddhi Brick and Tiles, Virat Shoe, Nepal Food Industries, Shree Bhrukuti Pulp and Paper, Flare Himalayan, Shriram Shares of Sugar Mills and Nepal Bitumen & Barrel Industries have been suspended.

Similarly, KNEPS has so far removed a total of 148 companies from the listing. A total of 148 companies have been delisted, including 5 from commercial banks, 79 from development banks, 54 from finance, 5 from microfinance, 3 from manufacturing and 1/1 from other and trading groups.