Nabil Bank has brought Nabil Cash Machine

Sep Tue 2021 02:33:20


Nabil Bank has brought Nabil Cash Machine

Nabil Bank is going to use new technology to eliminate the hassle of having to deposit money sitting in line. Just as we used to sit in line at the bank for hours to withdraw money when there was no ATM, now we have to line up to deposit money.

Nabil Bank has released Nabil Cash Machine. Focusing on the beginning of the modern banking age, Nabil's cash machine has brought customers the facility to not only withdraw money through ATMs but also to deposit money. Nabil Bank has initially started this technology from Nabil Bank's Tindhara branch and Pulchowk branch.

Now customers can deposit one thousand, five hundred, one hundred Nepali rupees in the machine and 99 thousand nine hundred at a time. Also, through this, they can deposit any of Nabil's savings and current account. Customers will also be able to pay their credit cards through it.

The bank has been providing services through 135 branch offices, 184 ATMs and more than 1500 Nabil remittance agents across the country. Nabil Bank has given information about this on its Facebook page. The bank has released a video where we can use our ATM Nabil Cash Machine.