Why Share investors turn into the bank ?

Sep Fri 2021 01:59:49


Why Share investors turn into the bank ?

Kathmandu. The stock market has remained stable on Thursday, the last day of trading. The market benchmark index rose by 2.70 points to close at 2819.66 points. The market has seen a lot of ups and downs these days. A total of 1,57,14,266 shares of 228 companies worth Rs 7.72 billion have been bought and sold.

The Sensitive Index, which measures the trading volume of large companies, rose 1.93 points to 530.02. The sub-index of most groups in business has declined. On the same day, the banking group's index rose by 47.37 points, the finance company's sub-index by 8.2 points, while development bank 80.44, hydropower 71.8, non-life insurance 92.04, manufacturing and processing 80.4, microfinance 46.79, life insurance. The sub-index of the group has declined by 51.08 points.

The attraction of investors in the bank has increased a lot in today's business. Two banks have started declaring dividends on Wednesday. After the attractive dividend of two banks, other banks are expecting the same proportion of dividends and investors have started paying attention to the bank accordingly.