Investors Forum toward 5-point demand for share market

Oct Mon 2021 10:55:59


Investors Forum toward  5-point demand for share market

Kathmandu: Nepal Investors Forum has demanded immediate repeal of the Rs 120 million limit on share pledge loans. The forum has demanded immediate rectification of the decision saying that the capital market has been hit hard due to the short-sighted decision of the officials in the responsible bodies. The forum has also put forward various five-point demands, warning that the market capitalization has dropped by Rs 800 billion in a short period of time.

The bank has been asked to immediately add a new broker, issue a broker license through a subsidiary and provide margin lending facility through a broker. The forum has also demanded immediate reduction of commission as broker Cassimon is expensive. Similarly, it has been demanded to immediately appoint a chief in the Securities Board and Nepse.

Extreme liquidity is lacking at this time due to short-sighted and irresponsible decisions of responsible bodies. That is why there is a problem in the capital market. Interest rates have risen due to lack of liquidity. Due to which the general investors are also psychologically scared, it is mentioned in the statement signed by the chairman of the forum Tulsiram Dhakal.