How Much ? dividend declared 23 commercial Bank of Nepal fiscal year 2077/078

Dec Sat 2021 07:49:43


How Much ? dividend declared 23 commercial  Bank of Nepal fiscal year 2077/078

Kathmandu. Out of the 26 commercial banks listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), 23 have declared dividends to investors 2077/078 fiscal year's profits. Banks have announced dividends on cash and bonus shares from last year's distributable profits. The general meetings of some of the banks that have declared dividends have been held and the decision to distribute dividends has already been passed.

According to the latest public figures, Nabil Bank will distribute the highest dividend. Nabil will distribute 33.6 per cent bonus shares and 4.4 per cent cash dividends for a total of 38 per cent. Nepal SBI Bank has announced to distribute a minimum of 3.5 percent bonus shares and 1.81 percent cash and a total of 5.31 percent dividend.

Similarly, Himalayan Bank will pay 21.38 percent bonus share and 4.62 percent cash dividend to its investors and 26 percent dividend. Sanima Bank has announced 17 percent bonus and zero point 8947 percent cash with 17.8947, Nepal Bank with 14 percent bonus and 3 percent cash with 17 percent, Prime Commercial Bank with 16 percent bonus and zero point 6313 percent cash with a total dividend of 16.6313 percent. .

Nepal Investment Bank will distribute 16 percent dividend with 12.611 percent bonus and 3.389 percent cash, Citizens Bank will distribute 16 percent dividend with 12.913 bonus and 3.87 percent cash.

NMB Bank offered its shareholders 12.5 percent bonus shares and 3.8 percent cash with 15.8 percent, NIC Asia Bank with 15 percent bonus and zero point 7895 percent cash with 15.7895, Nepal Bangladesh Bank with 12 percent bonus and 3.5 percent cash. , Siddhartha Bank 14.25 bonus and 0.75 percent cash with 15 percent, Machhapuchhre Bank 13.3 bonus and zero point seven percent 14 percent with cash, Bank of Kathmandu 10 percent bonus and 4 percent cash 14 percent, Global IME Bank 10 percent Standard Chartered Bank has announced to distribute 13.5 per cent dividend including bonus and 3.5 per cent cash, 10 per cent bonus and 3.6 per cent cash dividend.

The Board of Directors meeting of Prabhu Bank has decided to pay 12.63 percent dividend including 12 percent bonus share and zero point 63 percent cash to its shareholders. Mega Bank will give 12.07 percent to its shareholders with 10 percent bonus and 2.7 percent cash, while Lakshmi Bank will give 8 percent bonus and 3.5 percent cash, 11.5 percent, Everest Bank 6 percent bonus share and 4.32 percent cash. , Kumari Bank with 6% bonus and 2.67% cash, Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank (NCC) with 8% bonus share and 0.42% cash and Sunrise Bank with 6.65% bonus share and 0.35% cash with 7% dividend. It is said to be distributed.

Century Bank, Civil Bank and Krishi Vikas Bank are among the banks remaining to declare dividend distribution. The declared dividends are received by the shareholders only after the approval of the regulator and approval of the general meeting.

Of the 14 banks that have declared dividend, 11 have closed the book for the purpose of general meeting.