Share market declined dramatically, market falling to 2200 point in the market rumors

Dec Sun 2021 01:04:59


Share market declined dramatically, market falling to 2200 point in the market rumors

Kathmandu. The stock market plummeted on Sunday, the first day of the week. At the start of trading, the market had risen by one point compared to Thursday, but then continued to decline. However, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), which had been trying to return to normalcy in the last half hour, closed at 2513.89 points, down 72.30 points.

This point is 2 points higher than the October 25th low of 2511.1. The trend of increasing business at the beginning, then decreasing continuously and then closing business as if it increased a bit at the last moment has continued.

The market is expected to fall further if the rumors in the market are dropped and the trend on Sunday and the increase in trading volume is taken into account. An increase in trading volume in a declining market indicates that investors are panicking. Therefore, in the name of selling faster, hastily reducing the price and offering to sell, the market is on the path of declining. Despite many attempts to lift the market from the status quo last year, investors seem to be more nervous on Sunday.

Earlier, the market, which had declined after the issuance of monetary policy, had stopped at 2511 points, falling to 2481.85 on November 20. Even on Sunday, the Nepse index fell to 2504 and tried to rise. However, the market is expected to fall further as loans from banks and financial institutions are unable to flow due to increasing liquidity crunch.

In particular, the first quarterly review of monetary policy is expected to review the provision of Rs 40 million for individual consumer loans and Rs 120 million from the overall system. Stating that Finance Minister Janardan Sharma and Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari have played a role in the attitude of investors, they have started making rumors on social media that the market will fall below 2200. Although some investors say there is no reason for the market to decline, the market has continued to decline.