Farewell to 21 retired employees of Himalayan Bank, CEO Ashok Rana honored them with HBL logo batch

Dec Sat 2021 03:50:12


Farewell to 21 retired employees of Himalayan Bank, CEO Ashok Rana honored them with HBL logo  batch

Kathmandu. 21 retired employees of Himalayan Bank have been grandly bid farewell and honored program 2078. At a function organized by the Himalayan Bank Employees Union, he was bade farewell and honored by the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Ashok Rana. The organization has honored and bid farewell to the employees who have retired from the bank for the last four years. Among the departed were General Manager Shushil Joshi, Assistant General Managers Rabindra Narayan Pradhan and Maheshwar Prasad Joshi, Assistant Manager Mahendra Shrestha, Officers Bimala Shrestha, Amrit Karki, Anar Maiya Amatya and 21 other employees. On the same occasion, gold medal winning karate player and President Bidyadevi Bhandari honored the bank employee Anu Adhikari with the Sukiti Medal.

Saying farewell to the retired employees, the CEO of the bank Ashok Rana thanked them for creating a family atmosphere in the bank. Rana said that it has not been decided whether Himalayan Bank will merge or not. "Everyone knows the issue of bank mergers is on the rise. But, there are also problems in this. I don't know when it will happen or not. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

At the farewell and honors program, CEO Rana presented a batch of Himalayan Bank logo emblem of love to 21 retired employees. Similarly, Rana has also distributed batches emblazoned with the logo of Himalayan Bank to the office bearers and members of the employees' union.

Speaking on the occasion, Gautam Bhandari, Chairman of the Bank Employees' Union, said that the contribution of the retired employees was highly appreciated and respected. Bhandari expressed his commitment to continue the program organized by the employees' union to keep the morale of the employees high for the development and growth of the organization.

He also suggested that the bank should pay special attention to keep the morale of the employees high along with the expansion of business as the morale of the employees of Himalayan Bank has been declining compared to other banks recently. Through the same program, Chairman Bhandari has also announced to give money equal to 10 days salary to the Himal Paropakar Kosh.