NEPSE will be a V-shaped recovery 3500 points Soon - May be Right time to Investment

Dec Mon 2021 10:43:51


NEPSE will be a V-shaped recovery 3500 points Soon  - May be Right time to Investment

Nepse, which had reached an average of 3225, fell to 2255. Leading market analysts have said that the market, which had declined by 30 percent in a short period of time, has now reached the point of rapid growth.

Bishnu Prasad Basyal, a well-known technical analyst, said that the stock market has a history of 'V' shaped recovery after falling to 30% in a short period of time. He said that he will reach above. The market should not have fallen below 2430, but new and less experienced investors reacted more strongly to the rumors in the middle, adding that the market fell 200 points more than expected due to increased panic selling. Stating that Nepse is undervalued below Rs 5,000, he said it was a good time to invest.

Another well-known technical analyst Ajay Singh Thapa also said that the market has stopped declining and is now on the rise.  Similarly, Sandeep Chaudhary, who is known by many as a well-liked and realistic analyst, is sure that the market will not go below 2250. As the market has declined, there is no alternative for the market to rise. His analysis is that the market will not reach 3500 at a time as the market is growing as it should be analyzed, but the market will go a long way with the fluctuations.

Big investor and analyst Chhotelal Rauniyar is also confident that the market will grow now. Putting his views in the voice of investors, he said that it is a good time to invest as good companies have become very cheap. Stating that the current market decline is unnatural, he said that there is a sell-off in the market and those who know how to seize the opportunity will earn it.