Everest Bank issuing Rs 2 billion bond

Jan Mon 2022 02:19:25


Everest Bank issuing Rs 2 billion bond

Kathmandu. Everest Bank ‘Everest Bank Ltd. Debenture 2086 'is to be issued. The bank is about to issue the same amount of bonds as soon as the Nepal Securities Board gives its approval.

The bank will open the issuance and sale of 2 million units of bonds at the rate of Rs. Of this, 800,000 units will be sold to the public and the remaining 1.2 million units will be sold to various individuals and organizations, the bank said. The issuance of these bonds will be open from January 3 and the issuance will be closed soon on January 6, the bank said.

Everest Bank has been providing state-of-the-art mobile and internet and SMS banking facility from its global network including 105 branch network, regional office, 138 ATMs spread across the country. The bank has been providing services from 31 collection centers for revenue collection of the Government of Nepal.