Api Power issuing 18.6 million Right shares Approval by the SEBON

Mar Fri 2022 02:36:55


Api Power issuing 18.6 million Right shares Approval by the SEBON

Kathmandu. The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has given permission to Api Power Company Limited to sell 18.6 million shares. The company has received permission from the board on March 10 to issue the right shares in the ratio of 1: 0.3936 on the basis of the existing paid up capital.

Currently, the company's paid-up capital is Rs. 2.75 billion 89.15 million. Muktinath Capital Limited is the manager of this right share sale. The appellant had applied to the board for the rightful eviction on September 10, 2008. Api Power is about to evacuate to raise additional capital for the 40 MW Upper Chameliya Hydropower Project.

Up to 6 months of the current Fiscal Year, Rs. It has made a net profit of over 143 million. Compared to last year, the company's profit has decreased by zero point 11 percent this year. During this period last year, the company earned Rs. Net profit was more than 143.2 million. Similarly, the company's revenue has increased by 4.58 percent this year as compared to last year. However, the expenditure has increased by 21.49 percent. The company raised Rs. 31.76 million in the corresponding period of the previous year. More than 28.6 million has been spent.