Corona Insurance Payment Release soon

Mar Wed 2022 02:47:52


Corona Insurance Payment Release soon

Kathmandu. Corona is preparing to pay the insurance amount. The insurance committee has stated that the amount of Corona insurance which has been stopped for a long time will be paid. According to committee sources, the remaining amount of Corona Insurance will be paid after the Ministry of Finance starts disbursing the remaining amount of Corona Insurance.

Earlier, the private insurance company and the committee had the responsibility to pay Rs 4.78 billion through the bridge. Although the government has agreed to pay the above claim, the insurer of Corona has not been able to get the claim due to non-disbursement of funds by the government.

According to the Insurance Committee, Corona Insurance has so far received claims of Rs 14.93 billion. So far, Rs 3.5 billion has been paid through Corona Insurance Bridge and Rs 1.28 billion from insurance companies and Rs 4.78 billion has been paid. According to the Corona Insurance Procedure, the government will have to pay Rs 11.43 billion as grant to the Corona insurance claims.

A committee source said, "The government is going to release some amount. The rest of the money will be paid by the reinsurance committee and the companies concerned. '