Is the stock market is in a bearish trend ? The last base point may be 2260 to 2280

Apr Fri 2022 01:43:52


Is the stock market is in a bearish trend ? The last base point may be  2260 to 2280

Kathmandu. After the stock market began to decline even in the rising season, technical analysts have begun to analyze that the market is in a bearish trend. Technical analysts had analyzed that the market would start falling from the 28/29 point to 25 point. But unfortunately, the market could not survive even at 25 percent, so the lower base point of the current market is estimated to be from 2260 to 80.

Analysts have taken the previous lowest point as 2281 on December 13. Therefore, they are estimating that the current downfall could fall to 2250. Looking at the shadow and body of the candlestick, he says that the base is from 2260 to 2280. "Until then, the market will not go down or improve," he said.

The same analysis by technical analysts further weakened the market on Sunday and Monday. Investors were looking at how much the market could hold at the base of 24/25 hundred. But when they do not stop at it, they decide to go for less that their full potential.

Some market analysts say that the current market has declined for more theoretical than technical reasons. According to him, the most important basis for stock market reform is bank interest rates and liquidity. The base interest rate of banks is increasing. Banks, on the other hand, are unable to lend. The CD ratio is 90.43 percent. Banks will have to reduce their CD ratio to 90 percent by mid-July. As it is above the norm now, the credit flow of the banks has come to a standstill.

According to analysts, now is the time for those who have money to buy more. If you have no investment in the secondary market but have liquid money in hand, it is better to keep investing 20/25 percent every month. But if you don't have liquid money and your money is stuck in the market, this is not the time to average by borrowing. Analysts say that investors trapped in the market have to wait for the stock market environment. It is safe to assume that the market will improve only if liquidity in the market eases and interest rates fall.