The share market fell down1150 points, Investor lost Rs 1.5 trillion

Jun Sat 2022 03:53:00


The share market fell down1150 points, Investor lost Rs 1.5 trillion

Kathmandu. The stock market has been declining for a long time. The Nepse index, which was close to 32 points 10 months ago due to continuous decline in the market, has dropped by 1150.67 points to 2048.16 points. Investors say the stock market lost more than Rs 1.5 trillion during the period.

The share market has been declining due to the lack of liquidity in the banking system since the beginning of the current fiscal year and the policy of Rs. Even after the government brings the budget for the coming fiscal year, the market has not improved.

On Friday, the last trading day of the year, the Nepse index fell by 14.64 percent to 2048.16 points. Similarly, the Sensitive Index has declined by 4.11 points, the Float Index by 0.84 points and the Sensitive Index by 1.22 points. A total of 3,045,838 shares of 229 companies worth Rs 894.1 million were traded on Friday. Friday's transaction amount also decreased compared to Thursday.

Similarly, the total market capitalization of Nepse has decreased by more than Rs 41 billion in a year due to the decline of more than 30 points in the Nepse index. The market capitalization of Nepse, which was Rs 2.959 trillion on the last trading day of last year, has come down to Rs 2.917 trillion.