NEPSE at 1996.26 points , Investors lost Rs 11.5 trillion in the stock market

Jun Tue 2022 03:47:27


NEPSE at 1996.26 points , Investors lost Rs 11.5 trillion in the stock market

Kathmandu. The share market NEPSE index fell below 2,000 points on Tuesday. When the market dropped by 36.07 points and stopped at 1996.26 points, the transaction amount was only Rs 1.18 billion. Tuesday's market index is the average of 17 December 2077. The stock market has fallen below the 2,000 mark due to lack of cash to invest in the market and banks cutting their investments in stocks.

On 2 September 2078, the Nepali stock market reached its highest point ever. On the same day, the Nepse index had reached 3199 points. While the share market is booming, the morale and investment of general investors towards the market is also increasing. Due to which the daily share turnover reached a maximum of Rs. 22 billion.

The value of investors who invested in the stock market, which reached a high point in August, was 4 trillion 10 billion. However, due to the sharp decline in the market, their assets have also started depreciating. According to share investor Chhotelal Rauniyar, the price of some stocks has dropped by 70 percent. The total market capitalization has come down to Rs 2.844 trillion. In the 9 months and 28 days of this depressing second market, investors have lost Rs 1.166 trillion in assets.

According to investors, due to the declining market, investors who have taken loans by pledging shares have been hit hard. Another investor said that the bank's drug has fallen due to the fact that the share price of the secured loan has dropped by more than 40 percent on an average. He said that investors are frustrated after the land use policy has stopped the use of land as a last resort.