Sarbottam Cement IPO price at Rs. 627 per unit

Jun Sun 2022 02:30:40


Sarbottam  Cement IPO price at Rs. 627 per unit

The sales managers and assistant sales managers have concluded that the price of the IPO of the best cement is just Rs 627.06 per unit. Sales managers Global IME Capital and co-sales managers NIBL ​​S Capital and Prabhu Capital have concluded that the valuation price of the company is just Rs 627.06 per unit.

The sales managers have stated that the price has been fixed by analyzing the qualitative and quantitative factors. It has been mentioned that 16 reasons have been given for the qualitative factor and 5 methods have been adopted for the quantitative factor. The organization should determine the base price by studying the intent value obtained from the qualified institutional investor and fix the price limit in such a way that the price maintained by adding 20 percent to the base price will be the upper limit and the price maintained by reducing 20 percent will be the lower limit. Eligible institutional investors will have to issue securities through bidding after the securities registered with the board and the statement with price limit of the securities prepared for issuance of eligible institutional investors are approved.

Eligible institutional investors are not allowed to bid for more than 20% of the securities issued and 100% of the pledged amount should be deposited in the specified issuance bank account or withheld in the applicant's bank account or submit good for payment check. All applicants who pledge at the cut-off price and above by determining the cut-off price of the securities issued to the eligible institutional investors at the time of sale of the securities should be allotted the demanded securities at the cut-off price. If it is not possible to do so, it should be distributed proportionately and the amount not received should be returned within three working days with the interest earned or the account should be closed.

The general investors will have to issue 10 percent discount on the cut-off price. The company is preparing to issue 6 million IPOs. Out of which, 40 percent or 2.4 million shares will be allocated for eligible institutional investors, the company said. This is the rule of book building. Out of the remaining 3.6 million units, 800,000 units will be released to locals, 300,000 units to employees and 2.5 million units to the general public.