Opening new IPO, everyone to get a 10 lots share

Jul Sun 2022 01:35:22


Opening  new IPO, everyone to get a 10 lots share

Kathmandu: Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company Limited is going to issue primary shares from July 4. The company is about to issue an IPO to the public. The company is going to issue 1,957,500 ordinary shares at the face value of Rs 100.57 million. Out of the total shares to be issued, 2 percent or 39,150 shares have been reserved for employees and 5 percent or 97,875 shares have been reserved for collective investment funds. Investors will be able to apply for the remaining 1.82 million 475 lots.

Investors will have to apply for a minimum of 10 lots of shares and a maximum of 100,000 lots of shares. The eviction will be closed on July 8 and if no application is received by that time, the deadline to apply will be extended to July 8.

In the rating given for IPO issuance, ICRA Nepal has given ICRP IR Double B Plus rating to the company. This indicates that there is an average risk in the ability to bear the liability.

The issue and sale manager of the company is NMB Capital Limited. Investors can also apply from banks and financial institutions participating in the ASWA service with the permission of the Nepal Securities Board. In addition, applications can also be made through My Share's web and app.