40 percent Dividend capacity of Nabil Bank net profit is 5 billion

Aug Fri 2022 05:23:17


40 percent Dividend capacity of Nabil Bank net profit is 5 billion

Kathmandu. Nabil Bank, which has acquired Nepal Bangladesh Bank, has significantly improved its distributable funds. The ability of the bank to distribute dividends has reached 40 percent and other indicators have improved. Last year, the bank distributed 33 percent dividend to investors.

The bank has released the figures of net profit and distributable reserves reaching 9 billion 12 billion rupees. The bank's distributable profit was 3.37 billion and the distributable reserves increased after the acquisition. Such reserve is 5 billion 75 crores. The bank has earned a net profit of Rs 4 billion 97 crore in the last financial year 2078/79. In the same period last year, the bank earned a profit of Rs 4 billion 52 crore.

Earning per share of the bank is Rs 27.16. The PE ratio is Rs 32.80. The net worth per share has reached Rs 230. The paid up capital of the bank has reached 22 billion 83 crore rupees. The net interest income of the bank is 9 billion 52 crore rupees. The income due to fees is 1.86 billion. The total operating income of the bank for the year is 12.12 billion rupees. Last year, the income of the title was 11.94 billion rupees.

Bank's bad loans are at 1.54 percent. The ratio of the loan was the same last year as well. Deposits are 3 trillion 26 billion, which was 2 trillion 23 billion rupees last year. The bank's CD ratio is 89.79 percent. The National Bank had given facilities up to 90 percent.