Why Banks can't Dividend declaration and delay to send balance sheet to NRB

Sep Tue 2022 03:58:14


Why Banks can't  Dividend declaration and delay to send balance sheet to NRB

Kathmandu. Even after one and a half months of the current financial year, the commercial banks are delaying the approval of the balance sheet due to the understanding that the National Bank will not agree to the balance sheet submitted by them.

The statements made by the governor and senior officials of the National Bank through various channels in the last 6 months, the monetary policy for the current financial year and the circulars and instructions issued at various times for its implementation have not been properly followed.

Therefore, this year like in the previous years, the banks are not in a hurry to get the balance sheet approved. In the last financial year, usually by mid-July, most of the banks and financial institutions approved their balance sheets and were preparing to declare dividends.

But due to the messages sent by the National Bank to the directors, CEOs and auditors of the banks at various times, as in previous years, they cannot be exempted this year and all the activities of the banks cannot be ignored, so the banks and financial institutions are not in a hurry to get the balance sheet approved.

The unaudited balance sheets published by the bank financial institutions show many unusual things such as the bad loan ratio has decreased even though the recovery of most of the bank financial institutions has decreased, the net profit is a few billion, but the distributable profit is limited to crores, notices of auction increase have been widely printed, but there is less money in the provision.

Due to these various reasons, a senior officer of the National Bank told Bijpati that no bank financial institution dared to send their balance sheets because the National Bank may be particularly strict this year so that they do not get tested.

"It seems that they understand that we (Rashtra Bank) can implement what we (Rashtra Bank) are trying to do in the balance sheet of the institution that sends it first, that's why they have not sent Rashtra Bank for balance sheet approval," a senior official of Rashtra Bank told Bijpati. He says that because of this understanding, banks are in a wait-and-see strategy.

According to the information received by Bijpati, some banks including Citizen International Bank, Everest Bank have sent their last financial year's balance sheet to Rashtra Bank for approval. The National Bank has returned the balance sheet as it has not reached a conclusion on how to proceed with the balance sheet this year. However, Citizens and Everest Bank top management claim that they have not returned the balance sheet they have sent, but it has not been returned.