Global IME Bank plans to double term savings in two years

Sep Sat 2022 07:49:22


Global IME Bank plans to double term savings in two years

Kathmandu. Global IME Bank has introduced a plan to double its tenure in two years. According to the bank, customers can double their fixed deposits within two years under the 'Global IME Dhanvrishti Muddati Scheme'.

According to the bank, under this scheme, the customer will first have to choose a fixed amount to open a fixed deposit account. Such amount should be at least ten thousand rupees.

After depositing this money, 10% of the chosen amount should be deposited every three/three months. That is, four times a year. Since it was a two-year plan, the amount would have to be collected eight times in this way. But the bank has introduced this plan so that it does not have to deposit the amount in the last quarter.

Suppose you open a fixed deposit account under this scheme and deposit one lakh rupees. Now 10 percent of it will be 10 thousand rupees. Now, according to the rules, every three/three months, ten/ten thousand had to be collected. If you accumulate ten thousand rupees in this way seven times in two years, it will reach 70 thousand rupees. The initial one lakh rupees is going away.

Now, after two years of the term plan, the bank will give two lakh rupees after the initial one lakh rupees, 70 thousand rupees deposited every quarter and 30 thousand rupees as interest. According to the bank, this term plan is suitable and beneficial for specially employed people