Why Banks stopped giving back large saving Amounts

Sep Thu 2022 05:14:43


Why Banks stopped giving back large saving Amounts

Kathmandu. Lately, banks and cooperatives have increased interest rates sharply. The bank is trying to lure the general public by saying that they give 17/18 percent interest. It has been said that interest of up to 20 percent will be given to those who keep five years in fixed term account. Now the interest rate varies from bank to bank. There has been a fight between the banks to withdraw the money from the other bank. One bank is giving 13% while the other bank is tempting by saying that it will give 14% interest. The business situation of banks has become critical for some time. Due to the lack of liquidity, the banks are unable to return the money of the savers. If a saver goes to the bank with a cheque, they don't try to return the money on various pretexts. Tempting by saying hot and cold and increasing interest. As it happens, they try to stop the money in the bank. Now every bank is increasing the interest rate. The savers are also running towards the bank that gives more interest. The order of taking out from one and taking it to another has increased.

On the other hand, borrowers who have taken loans from banks are now under stress. They have raised their hand that they are unable to pay the bank loan. Bank has raised money by showing higher interest, but where to invest? Industrialists are protesting that the interest rate is high. As the bank has collected money from depositors at high interest. Similarly, you should be able to invest. Speculation started two years ago that the financial institution was in trouble. Earlier there was a rumor that the cooperatives would run away, now there are signs of it. Bank's risky investment has put many people in trouble. Now there is a recession in real estate. The rate five decades ago is the same as the current rate. In the Malpot office, the list of real estate is at a standstill. Not even one or two names are mentioned in a day. There are as many real estate sellers in the market as there are no buyers. On the other hand, shares that were traded up to 22 billion a day are now limited to 65 million. The shares that were bought for 3000 per share have now fallen sharply. People who buy vehicles with loans have also raised their hands.

Debtors have come to the streets saying that we cannot pay the loan by auctioning the car. Instead, the debtors are in favor of auctioning the real estate and shares. The cooperatives are collecting money saying that they give 20/22 percent interest. It is said that after the banks and cooperatives did not return the money that they kept, the number of people using metered money increased. Things are coming out that have solved their problems by taking money from meterbadge. In recent times, the number of people investing in MeterBadge has increased rapidly. Instead of repaying the loan, the borrowers from the financial institutions have started to take to the streets.

Politics has entered from here. It is the responsibility of every borrower to repay the loan after taking it. However, the borrowers are trying to destroy the financial institution by not paying the loan. Industrialists have retreated because the interest rate taken from bank finance has become expensive. They have announced that they cannot repay the loan taken from the bank. On the other hand, hoteliers, transporters, shareholders, real estate traders, construction traders are also going to start a protest. Now there is politics in loans too, the game of drowning bank finance has progressed.