With in 5 years Health insurance for all citizens and up to 90% subsidy on insurance fee in Nepal

Nov Wed 2022 02:46:09


With in 5 years Health insurance for all citizens and up to 90% subsidy on insurance fee in Nepal

Kathmandu. As the election approaches, various parties are in the process of releasing their election manifestos. Some of them have already been made public and some are in the process of being made public.

Various parties have included different agendas in the manifesto of the representative and provincial assembly election 2079 which is going to be held on November 4. Among the declarations that have been published so far, it has been found that 5 parties have prioritized the insurance program along with the economic agenda in their election resolution (manifesto).

Nepali Congress, Nepal Communist Party (Maoist), National Democratic Party (RPP), Nepal Communist Party (Unified Socialist) and Nepal Samajwadi Party (NESPA) have included the insurance program in their manifesto. In which there are programs ranging from increasing the scope of insurance, providing health insurance for all citizens to including cooperatives in the insurance.

100% health insurance within 5 years

According to the manifesto released by the Congress, the party has focused insurance on 5 different sectors. In which there is a program to provide 100% health insurance within 5 years and ensure the treatment of serious diseases through insurance.

Similarly, Congress has an agenda to increase the insurance amount to 10 lakhs. Currently, the government is providing free treatment up to a maximum of 2 lakh rupees for health insurance.

The Congress has also mentioned that all the health services except the basic ones will be covered by the insurance and that all the social health security programs will be integrated into the insurance.

The Congress also aims to provide free health insurance to senior citizens above 65 years of age, disabled people and the poor.

90 percent subsidy on insurance premium

In their manifesto, the Maoists range from subsidizing 90 percent of insurance premiums under the insurance program to restructuring the agricultural insurance system. The Maoists are going to restructure the agricultural insurance system to bring agricultural insurance to villages, increase the scope of insurance, make the insurance amount practical and make the insurance claim payment service faster.

By increasing the scope of insurance, especially in every sub-sector of agriculture, animal husbandry and herb business, insurance will be effectively arranged. The Maoists also said that they will control the flow of money out of the country through insurance premiums. Similarly, it has been said that all journalists will be insured for health, accident and riot or terror.

Arrangement of life insurance for those who go for foreign employment

 Among the points in the manifesto released by the National Democratic Party (RPP), 3 points cover the insurance program. In which there are agendas ranging from increasing access to health insurance to treating the insured in the hospital of their choice. All citizens will be brought under the scope of insurance by increasing the access to health insurance and it has been arranged that all the insured will be able to get treatment in the hospital of their choice.

The RPP said that training, skill development, subsidized loans and life insurance will be arranged for those going to work abroad in the seven provinces until full employment environment is created in the country. Similarly, there is a program of the RPP to arrange agriculture and crop insurance.

50% of the insurance amount will be paid by the government

The first insurance agenda of the integrated socialists is to easily include all citizens in compulsory health insurance. Similarly, there is a special program of Samajdavi where the government will pay 50 percent of the insurance amount for the people who are below the poverty line.

Initiatives will be taken to provide health services for free examination and treatment to children below 15 years old and senior citizens above 65 years old, disabled people, helpless and poor.

Likewise, the Manifesto of the Integrated Socialists includes the implementation of insurance system in all types of agricultural crops and livestock business.

All affiliated with Cooperative Insurance

Like other parties, the Nepal Socialist Party (NESPA) is also going to implement the health insurance program for everyone within five years. The party is going to increase the financial capacity of the insurance company by increasing the access to insurance. Likewise, NESPA has an agenda to include all cooperative organizations in insurance. Which is a new program among the programs brought by other parties.