19 Banks reduced share loans but Agriculture Bank ( ADBL) has increased

Apr Fri 2023 02:40:58


19 Banks reduced share loans but Agriculture Bank ( ADBL) has  increased

Kathmandu. In the 8 months of the current financial year, the share mortgage loans of commercial banks have been reduced. According to the statistics of Nepal Rastra Bank, the share mortgage loans of commercial banks decreased by 26.76 percent till February. In February of last year, banks invested 79 billion 777 million rupees in loans, but commercial banks have reduced it by almost 27 percent during the review period. Until February of the current financial year, banks have provided only 58 billion 42 billion 27 million rupees as share mortgage loans.

Banks have been continuously reducing share mortgage loans. Nepal Rastra Bank has been reducing share mortgage lending after tightening. In this period, Krishi Bikas Bank has increased share loans while continuously reducing them. Krishi Bikas Bank has increased by 8.35 percent to 1 billion 11 billion rupees share mortgage loans. During the same period last year, the bank had provided loans of only 1 crore 7 lakh rupees.

During this period, most of the banks have reduced share mortgage loans. NMB Bank decreased by 53.17 percent to 1.41 billion rupees, Machhapuchhre Bank decreased by 50.61 percent to 64 million rupees, NIC Asia Bank decreased by 43.99 percent to 1.23 billion rupees, Sunrise Bank decreased by 42.52 percent to 1.69 billion rupees. crore rupees, Everest Bank decreased by 36.43 percent to 800 million rupees, Nepal Investment Mega Bank decreased by 35.70 percent to 4.6 billion rupees and Kumari Bank decreased by 34.96 percent to 3.53 billion rupees.

Similarly, Global IME Bank decreased by 31.84 percent to 6.36 billion rupees, Nepal SBI Bank decreased by 29.76 percent to 2 million rupees, Sanima Bank decreased by 29.62 percent to 1.43 billion rupees, National Commercial Bank decreased by 4.12 billion rupees, Nepal Bank decreased by 28.39 percent to 3.56 billion rupees, Himalayan Bank decreased by 26.12 percent to 2.9 billion rupees, Prabhu Bank decreased by 21.24 percent to 4.9 billion rupees, Siddharth Bank decreased by 20.76 percent to 3.78 billion rupees. Rupees, Prime Bank decreased by 18 percent to 3.19 billion rupees, Citizens Bank decreased by 17.27 percent to 3.86 billion rupees and Lakshmi Bank decreased by 16.28 percent to 2.32 billion rupees.