Budget for the financial year 2080/081 is 17 trillion 51 billion 31 crore

May Mon 2023 03:48:48


Budget for the financial year 2080/081 is 17 trillion 51 billion 31 crore

Kathmandu. The government has presented a budget worth Rs 17 trillion 51 billion 31 crore for the next financial year. Out of the total allocation, 11 trillion 41 billion 780 million rupees or 65.20 percent is for current, 3.2 billion 7 billion rupees for capital is 17.25 percent, and 3.7 billion 45 million rupees for financial management is 17.55 percent.

This expenditure estimate is 2.37 percent less than the allocation of the current financial year and 16.37 percent more than the revised estimate. In the total allocation, Rs. 4.4 trillion has been allocated for financial transfer to the provincial and local levels.

Among the sources of expenditure estimated for the next financial year, Rs. Two trillion 12 billion 75 crore rupees will be collected from foreign loans to meet the shortfall. The net shortfall in revenue mobilization and foreign aid mobilization will be covered by internal debt of Rs.240 billion.

The National Planning Commission had given a ceiling for the budget of the next financial year to be equal to Rs 16 trillion 88 billion. Finance Minister Dr. Mahat has brought a budget of Rs 63 billion more than that of the Planning Commission.

The then Finance Minister Janardan Sharma presented a budget worth Rs 17 trillion 93 billion 83 crore for the current financial year. 42 percent of which is 7 trillion 53 billion 40 million for current, 21.2 percent for capital i.e. 3 trillion 80 billion 38 million and 12.8 percent for financial management i.e. 2 trillion 30 billion 22 million and 24 percent for financial transfer to state and local levels i.e. Rs. Trillion was equal to 29 billion 83 million.

Similarly, the then Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel had limited the size of the budget to Rs 15 trillion 49 billion 99 crores during the mid-term review of the budget. The budget is aimed at achieving broad economic growth.

To maintain prosperity and prosperity, the budget will also be focused on building a digital and green economy. Mahat said that he took the priorities of the allocation bill as a suggestion to make the best use of resources.

According to Finance Minister Dr. Mahat, the budget has come to address the suggestions and public expectations of the private sector and to communicate hope. The government has prepared the budget for the financial year 2080/81 with the slogan of the second phase of economic reforms and structural changes in the economy.