What is the interest rate of Share loan in banks ? Now share loan form Kumari Bank, Krishi Bikas Bank and Nepal Bank get Easily

Aug Wed 2023 01:54:20


What is the interest rate of  Share  loan in  banks ? Now share loan form  Kumari Bank, Krishi Bikas Bank and  Nepal Bank get Easily

Kathmandu. As deposit collection in banks and financial institutions is increasing and loan interest rates are decreasing, banks have started increasing loan investment. Investors say that banks are also calling investors and asking them to take share loans. After the National Bank also instructed to apply 100% risk weight on share loans up to 50 lakh rupees, investors are encouraged to take more loans.

Banks determine the loan interest rate by adding a premium to the base rate. The bank loan interest rate is cheaper for those whose base rate and premium rate are low. According to the statistics of the banks, the lowest interest rate on share loans is of the National Commercial Bank. National Commercial Bank has been giving share loans at a minimum of 11.27 percent. The bank's base rate is 8.02 percent, while the share loan premium is set at 3.25 to 3.50 percent.

According to the bank, the premium is determined based on the condition of the borrower. The bank said that if a good borrower comes to the bank for a share loan, then the interest rate on the share loan is determined by calculating 3.25 percent on the base rate. National Commercial Bank's interest rate on share mortgage loans is the cheapest in the banking sector.

Similarly, Nepal Bank said that it provides share loans at a minimum interest rate of 11.94 percent. The bank calculates a premium rate of 2.5 percent to 5 percent on the base rate of 9.44 percent for share loans. Similarly, Nabil Bank provides share mortgage loans at 12.52 percent. The bank added a minimum premium of 3% to 5% to the base rate of 9.52%.

Similarly, Krishi Bikas Bank has said that it will provide loans at 12.64 percent interest on share securities. The base rate of the bank is 10.14 percent and the bank charges a premium of 2.5 percent.

Similarly, Kumari Bank has said that it will give share mortgage loans at a minimum of 12.78 percent. The bank said that the base rate will be 10.78 percent and the minimum premium will be fixed from 2 percent to 4.5 percent depending on the condition of the loan.

Similarly, Siddharth Bank 14.41 percent, Citizens Bank 14.51 percent, Nepal Investment Mega Bank 14.57 percent, Everest Bank 14.61 percent, Machhapuchhre Bank 14.74 percent and NIC Asia Bank 14.98 percent interest. He said that he would give.

Similarly, Global IME Bank 15.08 percent, Sanima Bank 15.15 percent, Prabhu Bank 15.16 percent, NMB Bank 15.24 percent, Prime Bank 15.57 percent, Nepal SBI Bank 15.72 percent, Lakshmi Sunrise Bank 15. .80 percent and Himalayan Bank has given share mortgage loan at 15.84 percent interest.

According to Rashtra Bank's data, last year, banks reduced share loans by 14.71 percent to only 74.69 billion 93 million rupees. Till May of the previous year, 87 billion 58 billion 86 million rupees were provided as share loans.