When will came back the share market in Nepal ?

Aug Sun 2023 05:06:39


When will  came back the share market in Nepal ?

Kathmandu. The market has become volatile again. The market, last two days of the last week, fell sharply at the beginning of this week. Liquidity in the financial system is becoming easier, the external sector of the economy has improved, remittances have increased, the balance of payments is good and the foreign exchange reserves are also good, but the market has not yet picked up speed.

The central bank has adopted a partially flexible policy for the stock market through monetary policy. Earlier, the risk burden was 100 percent for loans up to 25 lakhs, but now the risk burden has been made 100 percent for loans up to 50 lakhs. Although this policy is not according to the demand of investors, it is definitely flexible. However, those who have invested crores of rupees in loans have not got much relief. Experts say that this is why the market has not been able to accelerate. The morale of investors also plays a role in the rise and fall of the market. Investors whose morale is weakened by monetary policy are not happy today. Due to the same reason, the turnover is continuously decreasing.

On the other hand, some investors say that the financial reports of banks and financial institutions are being made public. However, along with the financial report, investors are waiting for the dividend. It is a trick of big investors. It seems that big investors are looking for opportunities to buy shares and reduce the stock market in order to get dividends' - said an expert.

When commercial banks and development banks publish their financial reports, it seems that the dividend capacity has been strengthened overall. The profit of commercial banks has also increased by 24 percent. At this time, investors are also waiting for the opportunity to hold shares and eat dividends. Experts say that companies with good financial conditions and strong dividend potential have a suitable investment environment.

The market is down 38.37 percent today. The index also closed at 2051.47 points. On Sunday, 80 lakh 7 thousand 361 shares of 265 companies were bought and sold, with a turnover of 2 billion 687 million 48 thousand 234 rupees.