Prabhu Capital customers to get up to 28% discount on Total Physical Fitness

Aug Fri 2023 04:08:51


Prabhu Capital customers to get up to 28% discount on Total Physical Fitness

KATHMANDU: Prabhu Capital has signed a contract with Total Physical Fitness Center. Capital has agreed to provide some discounts on physical exercise to all of the beneficiaries who have opened demat accounts. The deal was inked on Shrawan 31 (Aug 16) by Chief Executive Officer Aashish Gauchan and Total Physical Fitness Center Managing Director Suman Pandit.

Capital customers will receive a 28 percent discount and a free sauna certificate when using the fitness center. To take advantage of this scheme, the beneficiary must supply the fitness facility with the beneficiary account number as well as details on the beneficiary account at Prabhu Capital while paying the bill.

The benefit of this offer is available to Capital’s beneficiary customers for 5 years from the date of the discount agreement. The Total Physical Fitness Center in Nayabaneshwar, Kathmandu, offers services using cutting-edge technology. This fitness center has various equipment like flex and tone, weight loss, co-ed boxing, burns and abs, spinning, kick boxing, step and tone, cardio, zumba, yoga and gym.

After joining the fitness center, the training program will last 7 days, with all exercises performed under the supervision of the trainer on the remaining days. According to Capital, the fitness club has a dietician arrangement since it is concerned about nutrition. Prabhu Capital offers its clients comfortable services by utilizing cutting-edge technology. Prabhu Capital currently provides DP services to over 230,000 consumers.