NEPSE Halted By 6% positive Circuit , Monetary policy raised the stock market of Nepal

Dec Sun 2023 01:58:05


NEPSE Halted By 6% positive Circuit , Monetary policy raised the stock market of Nepal

Kathmandu. NEPSE Halted By 6% positive Circuit with 111 points increased. Share trading has been suspended for sunday after the market rose by 6 percent. Trading was closed after the market rose by 6 percent with the third consecutive circuit in NEPSE. Now the market will open only at 11 am on Monday. NEPSE increased by 4 percent in the first 1 hour for 20 minutes, in 2 hours it increased by 5 percent for 40 minutes and the market increased by 6 percent for the whole day. The market opened for only 9 minutes today.

On Friday, the central bank released the first quarter review of monetary policy. In that review, the experts said that the National Bank has prepared a way to raise the morale of the investors.

The central bank has revised the monetary policy to make the stock market and real estate transactions dynamic. Rastra Bank, while reviewing the monetary policy on Friday, said that 'real estate loans provided by banks and financial institutions and Rs. The risk weight of share mortgage loan of more than 5 million has been reduced to 125 percent. Earlier such risk weight was 150 percent. This year's monetary policy has reduced the risk burden of small share loans and real estate loans, but it has not had a material impact on the market. They were criticizing the Rashtra Bank after the loan was expensive for the big borrowers.

As a result of this, the secondary market of shares could not rise, while the real estate business was able to grow relatively. Businessmen were demanding to reduce this risk burden to 100 percent. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal also requested Rashtra Bank to reduce the risk weight ratio to 100 percent or close to it after discussions with businessmen.

Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) increased by 111.20 points to 1963.98 points. In the market that opened for 9 minutes only, 13 lakh 67 thousand 615 shares of 244 companies were bought and sold, and a transaction of 48 crore 24 lakh 82 thousand rupees was made.

On Sunday, all the 13 sub-indices have turned green. Today, there has been an improvement in 13 sub-indices, including 5.68 percent of banking group, 6.59 percent of development bank group, 6.59 percent of finance group, 6.72 percent of hotel and tourism group, and 8.63 percent of hydropower group.