Why Australia Strict For Student Visa to Nepalese ?

Dec Mon 2023 03:17:26


Why Australia Strict For Student Visa to Nepalese ?

Kathmandu. The Australian government is also going to cut down on the number of migrant workers and students. Those who are preparing for it will be affected by the new immigration policy of Australia, which has become the first destination of Nepali students.

The Australian government has announced that it will halve the number of immigrants within 2 years. If that happens, the number of immigrants, which is currently more than 500,000, will be reduced to 2.5 million. But the number of foreign students is more than 600,000.

In the last 2 years, Australia has received a large number of foreign students and workers. Now, to return it to the situation before the covid epidemic, the visas given to foreign students and low-skilled workers will be tightened. According to BBC, the new policy was issued after the number of migrant workers and students increased and the camp was not provided, public transport was not available and other physical infrastructure was not available.

Home Minister Claire O'Neill announced the government's ten-year immigration strategy at a press conference on Monday. She said that the previous government had disrupted the immigration system and now they are trying to bring it back to normal. According to the Ministry, in June 2023, 510,000 people came to Australia from abroad. That is the highest number ever. However, they are also tourists.

Now tourist visas will also be tightened, she said. According to this strategy, the language skills requirement for international students has also been revised. Now the English language test to be given by the students is going to be strict. The new strategy states that students going to Australia must be able to prove that the further studies they intend to pursue will advance their academic goals or careers.