Stock Market Trend in Nepal : Big investors Entry in the share market

Dec Sat 2023 07:41:44


Stock Market Trend in Nepal : Big investors Entry in the share  market

Kathmandu. Investors' interest in the stock market has increased in the last few weeks. Investors' morale has decreased in the past few years, but in the last few weeks, investors' attraction towards the stock market has increased.

Last December 24th, the stock market increased by 6 percent i.e. 111.20 points. On that day, the transaction was only 48 crore rupees. The next day i.e. November 25, the market fell by 0.78 percent i.e. 15.40 points. However, the turnover was equal to 4.84 billion rupees.

If we look at the data of Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) in the following days, the market has increased every day, the transaction amount is also increasing daily. Looking at the data of NEPSE, it seems that during the last 8 days of trading, more than 45 billion was traded. As the NEPSE index increased by one and a half hundred points, the wealth of investors increased by 4.5 billion rupees.

In the past, NEPSE used to have a turnover of 1 billion, but in recent days, it seems that the daily turnover is more than 3 billion. The turnover increased to 7 billion on Wednesday. Experts say that there was a NEPSE correction on Thursday. On Thursday, 6 billion 274 million rupees were traded, but the NEPSE index fell by 32.77 points.

Stock market experts say that the size of the business has increased due to the entry of big investors in the capital market when compared to the transactions taking place in the past days. They say that after the market caught the bull rhythm, even the so-called big investors started to waver. Broker businessman Atitalal Shrestha says that if we look at the turnover, there are signs of the entry of big investors into the stock market. He says that big investors who are sitting with cash hold and loans are entering the market.

Broker businessman Ananth Kumar Paudel says that the market is moving in a positive direction as the morale of investors has increased in the market. According to him, the market has been continuously increasing since the National Bank adopted some flexibility in the quarterly review of the monetary policy of the current financial year.

There is plenty of liquidity in the market, interest rates are decreasing. And now the market has risen from the low point after the liquidity eased, the quarterly review of the monetary policy also supported the market to go on a positive path, made the sentiment positive,'' he said. Large investors may have tried to exit by selling the converted shares. According to him, it seems that the number of people entering has increased more than the number of people leaving.