Top 10 bank's profit has declined in Nepal

Jan Mon 2024 02:46:26


Top 10 bank's profit has declined in Nepal

Kathmandu. In the second quarter of the current financial year 2080/81, the net profit of banks has decreased. Banks' profit decreased by 10 percent in the middle of January due to bad loan growth and interest income of banks.

Banks have made a net profit of Rs 28 billion 76 crore till the end of January. In December of last year, banks earned a profit of 31 billion 94 million rupees. Compared to last year, the profit of banks this year has decreased by 9.94 percent, ie 3 billion 17 million rupees.

During the review period, the profit of only three banks has increased, while the profit of all other banks has decreased. The profits of Himalayan Bank, Prime Bank and Everest Bank seem to have increased compared to last year.

The profit of Himalayan Bank increased by 57.53 percent to 1.5 billion rupees, Prime Bank increased by 32.13 percent to 2.18 billion rupees and Everest Bank increased by 7.88 percent to 1.71 billion rupees.

During this period, the profit of Nepal Bank has decreased more than usual. Nepal Bank's profit decreased by 49.60 percent to Rs 59 crore, while Krishi Bikas Bank's profit is positive.

Standard Chartered Bank decreased by 1.55 percent to Rs 1.72 billion, Lakshmi Sunrise Bank decreased by 1.66 percent to Rs. 1.5 billion, Siddharth Bank decreased by 2.15 percent to Rs. 1.13 billion, Nabil Bank decreased by 6.27 percent to Rs. 3 billion. 20 crore rupees, Citizens Bank has made a profit of 782.7 million rupees, down 6.59 percent.

Similarly, Sanima Bank decreased by 11.41 percent to 1.13 billion rupees, Nepal Investment Mega Bank decreased by 13.62 percent to 1.80 billion rupees, Kumari Bank decreased by 14.31 percent to 867.2 million rupees, Machhapuchhre Bank decreased by 21.46 percent. 805.3 million rupees, 25.68 percent of the National Commercial Bank has made a profit of 2.1 billion rupees.

Similarly, Global IME Bank decreased by 26.56 percent to Rs 2.4 billion, NMB Bank decreased by 27.62 percent to Rs. 1.37 billion, Nepal SBI Bank decreased by 28.62 percent to Rs. 845 million, Prabhu Bank decreased by 39.96 percent. 72.3 million rupees, NAIC Asia Bank's profit decreased by 41.83 percent to 1.90 billion rupees.