Stock market is Up Trend in Nepal : Market increased by 165 points with in week

May Sat 2024 07:48:10


Stock market is Up Trend in Nepal :  Market increased by 165 points with in week

Kathmandu. There were 4 trading days in the stock market this week. In the 4 days of trading this week, the market rose on 4 days. The market closed at 2131.49 points this week, which closed at 2018.76 points in the previous week. Based on this, the stock market has increased by 112.73 points this week. In the previous week, the market had increased by 52.53 points. According to this, the market has increased by 165.26 points in 2 weeks.

About 22 billion shares were traded in the market this week. Considering this, the long-term declining market has seen an improvement in both transactions and indicators this week. Technically, this week, the market condition is good. This week, the market broke the 2040 point and made a new higher high. Of course, the market has changed its character from here. In the market which closed at 2131 points this week, there will be an increase in the coming days, if the market can meet resistance at 2170 to 2190 points.

Due to the increase in the distance between the upper band and the lower band, high volatility is seen in the market. Bullish crossover is still valid in Macdi. The histogram is becoming positive and lama-lama. The RSI has reached the over-butt zone of 75. The previous time, such a point reached the level of 80 and then there was a correction in the market. Overall, looking at all 3 indicators, normal profit may be booked in the market after a few days of increase in the next week.