17 companies preparing to bring Rs 6 billion of IPO

Jan Sat 2021 01:24:10


17 companies preparing to bring Rs 6 billion of IPO

Kathmandu. The IPO is in the pipeline of 58,182,836 lots worth Rs 5.82 billion ready to be listed in the stock market.

Most of the companies in the Securities and Exchange Board's pipeline are hydropower companies. There is also an insurance company and a microfinance company.

 There are 11 hydropower companies in the board's pipeline. Among the companies in the pipeline, CEDB Hydropower Development Company has been in the pipeline of the board since July 11, 2008. Similarly, the IPO of Malung Khola Hydropower Company was also registered with the Board on September 7, 2008.

Among the companies in the board's pipeline, Bhotekoshi Hydropower Company is preparing to bring 15 million shares worth Rs 1.5 billion and CBIL Capital is preparing to bring 300,000 ordinary shares.

Similarly, 6.6 million shares of Jyoti Life Insurance worth Rs 660 million are in the board's pipeline towards the insurance company. On the microfinance side, the women's microfinance financial institution has 400,000 shares worth Rs. 40 million.

Another popular company right now is Dis Media Network. Dis Media Network has 2,385,929 shares worth Rs. 238.592 million in the pipeline of the board.