'We can't pay installments anymore, banks will be drawn - Yogendra Nath Karmacharya

Jun Mon 2021 10:28:00


'We can't pay installments anymore, banks will be drawn - Yogendra Nath Karmacharya

President of the National Federation of Nepali Transport Entrepreneurs Yogendra Nath Karmacharya has complained about the overall problems in the transport sector and the indifference shown by the government.

Due to Corona, self-employed entrepreneurs have also become housewives along with the workers. Now we can't even make ends meet. Even in such a situation, this sector is not in the priority of the government. The state has not looked at us. We are now confused about how to make a living. Now it is becoming difficult to move our profession / business forward.

We can't even get out of a car that has been stuck for more than two months. Now when you take out a car, you have to change many parts including tires, mobiles, batteries. Maintenance is required. It takes at least two to three lakhs for a car to do all this. Now that we are struggling to make a living, where can we get money to get a car? How do we manage this? We have 4 million to 25 million vehicles. The same proportion of maintenance costs.

Now we have no choice but to hand over the vehicle to the government. No matter how hard we try, we can't pay the installment. Unable to pay the installment, the bank will not release it. Banks will not leave anything without being addressed by the state. If we can't, the bank won't leave and the government won't address it, then all we have to do is take the means we have and explain. We have no other choice.

Banks and financial institutions have 80 percent investment in our vehicles. To drown us businessmen is to drown the government along with the banks and financial institutions.

Our main demand to the government was to reschedule the loans we have been repaying in the banks. That means lowering interest rates. The time spent in lockdown had to be considered as zero time. If the government does not do this, we will not be able to pay the installment.

News Source and Cover Photo : Aarthiknews.com