Landslide in share Market, Nepse reached at 2510

Oct Tue 2021 01:31:35


Landslide in share Market, Nepse reached at 2510

Kathmandu. The effect has been seen in the share market after the banks increased the interest rate on deposits with effect from November 20. A huge landslide occurred in the share market on Tuesday.

Nepse, which had declined since the start of trading on Tuesday, has reached 2492 and has been corrected again. After recovering around 100 points, the market closed at 2510.73 points on Tuesday.

The share market has also declined unnaturally after banks raised interest rates on deposits. At the close of the market on Tuesday, only Rs 3.78 billion was traded. A total of 54,452 shares of 221 companies have been traded. Life Insurance's market fell the most by 428 points on Tuesday. Similarly, Nun Life has declined by 314 points.