Kathmandu city has become corona hotspot center

Jan Mon 2022 02:30:41


Kathmandu city has become corona hotspot center

Kathmandu. Kathmandu Valley has become a hotspot for corona virus (Covid-19) infection. Corona infection was confirmed in 4961 people across the country on Sunday, of which more than two-thirds are in Kathmandu Valley alone.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 15,131 samples (PCR and antigen) were tested on Sunday. The PCR test of 12,562 samples showed that 4534 and 2569 samples tested positive for antigen in 427 cases.

Of the newly infected people, 3347 are from Kathmandu Valley, which is more than two thirds of the infected people identified on Sunday. Kathmandu has the highest number of 2545 people in the Kathmandu Valley. There are 328 in Bhaktapur and 474 in Lalitpur.

Probable third wave of corona is becoming a 'hotspot' of corona in Kathmandu Valley, says infectious disease specialist Dr. Sher Bahadur again. ‘In the first wave, Birgunj became the hotspot of transition. In the second is Nepalgunj of Banke. But in the third wave, the Kathmandu Valley seems to be becoming a hotspot for transition, ”he said.

Omicron is a highly contagious virus in itself and is the most densely populated city valley. Dr. "In places where the population density is high, the infection is bound to spread rapidly due to neglect of public health standards," he said.

He says that the infection of Omicron may have spread in the form of 'Silence' as the crowds increased due to the conference of various political parties in Kathmandu. The fact that the big leaders of the political parties have seen the transition in recent times has also confirmed that the transition was going on silently in the conventions of the political parties. Repeats