Share Market : Lack of liquidity creates stress for Investors

Apr Thu 2022 03:21:27


Share Market : Lack of liquidity creates stress for Investors

Kathmandu. This year has been known as a year of joy and sorrow for stock investors. The Nepse index crossed 3200 points, encouraging investors, while the lack of liquidity created tension towards investors towards the end of the year. The recent downturn in the market has added to the stress on stock investors. At this time, the hearts of those who invest by taking loans from banks have started ringing. With the start of the new month, investors are worried about how to pay the bank's interest.

For those who used to buy stocks at a high point, investing in stocks is now like swallowing or swallowing. However, some stock investors have a different understanding. At present, the index has dropped below 2400 points. Nepse, which set a new record by reaching a high point of 3200 on August 20 this year, has not been able to reach that point in a period of 8 months. At present, it is trading around this point after falling below 1000 points.

The general investors had taken to the streets after the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) made arrangements to take loan of Rs. 40 million from one bank and up to Rs. Investors were of the view that this policy would have a negative impact on the market, but NRB has been claiming that this policy will help in the participation of small investors.

This year, on 31st July, two new records have been set by buying and selling more shares on the same day. On this day, 35.55 million shares of 222 companies were bought and sold for Rs. 21.64 billion.