Why the businessmen strike against banks and financial institutions ?

Nov Fri 2022 03:48:18


Why the businessmen strike against banks and financial institutions ?

Kathmandu. Industrialists have accused banks and financial institutions of creating terror everywhere. Businessmen have also drawn attention to solving the current bank and financial problems. In which they have been complaining for the past 6 months about the lack of investable capital and the closure of additional loans in the name of liquidity problems.

According to the businessmen, with the beginning of this financial year, there was a deposit scramble among the banks due to the lack of investable capital. However, the total deposits could not increase due to the increase in interest. Interest rates were increased up to 100 percent on forced loans as interest rates were determined based on supply and demand. Free services provided by banks were stopped and service charges were started, while other service charges were doubled and cash flow was reduced by asking for cash from the market.

They say that there is forced work to increase the base rate of bank financial institutions. Also, in the attention issued by the businessmen, it is stated that, 'bank financial institutions should only charge a maximum of 2/3 percent of the base rate based on the risk, but it has been announced that they will charge up to 8 percent premium interest on innocent borrowers.'' Businessmen have said that the cost has increased and the competitiveness of domestic products has decreased.

At present, the production of industries is 40 to 50 percent difficult. Many businessmen have been displaced. Similarly, the demand for goods has also decreased. In such a situation, their demand is for quick management of investable capital so that it is not more than one digit for industry and only 1/2 percent can be taken in addition to business.

Similarly, it has been demanded that industrialists can take an additional premium of only 2 percent on the base rate based on the risk while minimizing the expenses of the banks. They have demanded that the banks should not charge more than the last year after doubling the service fee, loan approval fee, LC negotiation fee.