The big merger of commercial banks has made disagreement senior staffs to Juniors

Jan Thu 2023 04:29:20


The big merger of commercial banks has made disagreement senior staffs to Juniors

Kathmandu. 8 commercial banks have tied the knot. Hearing this is certainly good news, but when you look inside it, a surprising story is found. A big merger between Prabhu Bank, Century Bank, Global IME and Bank of Kathmandu, Nepal Investment and Mega Bank, NCC and Kumari Bank took place in the middle of December. However, many stories and pains inside it have come out. In the 8 banks where this merger took place, the employees from Century Bank Mega Bank, NCC Bank and BOK were not discriminated against. It has been found that they have been forced to either take a job or go home without giving any department. When merging with big banks, why do all the big employees get rich? Why is there a difference between small employees?

NCC Bank bids farewell to high-level key employees by spending a large amount of public money. But the employees of Kumari Bank were not only transferred to remote areas, but those who did not like them were not given a department and they were not given a place to stay. Another is the terrible situation inside Prabhu Bank Limited. All rights are taken by CEO Ashok Sherchan. Since CEO Sherchan prepared the merger slogan, none of the employees even knew that he had sent an invitation to the journalists. There is still confusion about who will be assigned which department.

 The Deputy CEO of Global IME Bank, Mahesh Dhakal, had to leave his job.

Another well-known industrialist Prithvi Bahadur Pandey's story inside the bank Nepal Investvent Mega Bank Limited is not only scary but also heart-warming. It doesn't matter. The employees complain that Chairman Pandey, who has been running the bank by recruiting employees without any advertisement till today, has not given any department or chair to the skilled and experienced employees who came from Mega Bank.

Nepal Investment Mega Bank, which introduced mobile banking to Mega Bank, has not yet updated the mobile banking. It is said that banking should be digital. Mergers do not become bigger and better. Banking system should be easy. People should get simple facilities