Asia Pacific Advance Network (APAN) 55th International Conference will be held in Kathmandu

Mar Sun 2023 03:52:14


Asia Pacific Advance Network (APAN) 55th International Conference will be held in Kathmandu

Kathmandu. The 55th International Conference of Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) will be held in Kathmandu. The 55th conference will be held from February 29th to Chaitra 3rd at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel. More than 55 sessions will be conducted in the conference and more than 175 representatives will share knowledge and experience in various fields including education, information technology, scientific research.

In this conference, there will be discussions among the participants focusing on various areas of information technology implementation such as disaster management, agricultural modernization, human health and medical technology, access to scientific data, internet security, etc.

In this conference, 4 persons, including two Nepalese, will address the conference as keynote speakers. In addition to this, a presentation by climate change experts and Nepali mountaineers has been scheduled on the part of Nepal regarding the impact of climate change on the Himalayan region and the role of information technology and scientific research to minimize it.

180 representatives from 25 countries and more than 150 to 330 representatives from various universities and organizations related to information technology of Nepal will participate in the conference venue Kathmandu Marriott, the organizers informed. Also, more than 200 people will be able to gain knowledge and experience by participating online.

Lochanlal Amatya, chairman of the original organizing committee, said that this APAN conference, which is going to be held for the first time in Nepal, will help in the implementation of the Digital Nepal Framework, which has been promoted by the Nepalese government as a priority.

This conference is expected to increase awareness of the need for scientific research and infrastructure in the country, as well as the expansion of the national research and educational network. Also, it is expected that the mutual interaction with the representatives of different countries will further strengthen the scientific collaborations that Nepali researchers and educational institutions are currently doing with the world community.

Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN) is going to hold a five-day conference in Nepal in collaboration with the information technology related organizations of Nepal and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.